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Women: Sexier at 34***

 Generally, as people age, their sexual desire decreases. But according to a study conducted on women in the UK, different facts have been found. According to the study, women feel more sensual after the age of 34. That is, between the ages of 28 and 38, women have the highest sexual desire. This is the one occasion in their entire life when they not only look more sensual, but also have more sexual desire. In a survey conducted in the UK, about 1,000 women's sex life was studied in depth. In the survey, women were asked various questions about their sex life. The survey also found that the trend towards marriage also increases at this age.
During the survey, more and more women answered that most women feel more sensual at the age of 34. About 56 percent of women said that they are more satisfied with their sex life in recent days than when they were young. Not only that, during the survey, 28 to 38-year-olds were said to be more satisfied with their sex life. The women who participated in the survey also revealed that between the ages of 45 and 60, they have sex 4.5 times a year. According to the sexologist Catherine, it is wrong to think that sex life is not the same as before in old age. This study also confirmed that women enjoy sex life with increasing age. According to psychologists, generally women after 30 feel more confident.
By this age group, they have accumulated a lot of sexual experience. It makes them enjoy more. Due to sexual pain and fear of pregnancy in the early days of sex, this age has become more useful for a pleasant sex life. At this age, the knowledge of safe sexual life is abundant in women. Women of this age group do not hesitate to have sex with men. At this time, they are sure that they will not have to face any problems while having safe sex. However, they are currently more attracted to marriage.

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