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These things only happen to the lucky ones, do you have them or not?

 These things only happen to the lucky ones, find out if you have it or not? If a person has these 6 things in his life, he will always be happy. Wealth, healthy body, beautiful wife, sweet speech, obedient son and knowledge to get wealth these 6 things give happiness to a person.

1. Wealth

Wealth is necessary for a happy life. Wealth is also necessary for gaining respect. Wealth is needed to support a family. Money is also needed to get an education today. It is not possible to cure any disease without money. Old age also requires a great deal of financial support. Therefore, money is essential for respect, education, family upbringing and treatment.

2. Healthy body 

In order to be happy in life, it is important to have a healthy body. If there is any disease in the body, then you cannot do any work properly. In such a situation you are deprived of everything in life. Even if you have minor ailments, you cannot do any work properly. You cannot eat without working. The body must be healthy to work. A healthy body is a kind of happy life and is a gift from God.

3. Beautiful wife

Mahatma Vidura has said in Mahabharata, having a beautiful wife is also a kind of happiness. Because you have a beautiful wife at home, your attention does not wander outside. After the tension is released from the behavior with your wife at home, you will not have any relationship with outsiders and you can avoid many problems. He comes home on time. Family management can be done only through mutual discussion and good behavior.

4. Sweet-talking wife

After all, having a wife who speaks sweetly is the scent of gold. That is another happiness. Who can keep every member of the family happy by talking politely. If the wife who speaks rudely is in the house, then there will be disputes in the house and the atmosphere of the house will be disturbed. In this way, in the house of one who has a harsh wife, neither the family finds happiness nor friends come nor neighbors. We do not get their support.

5. Obedient son

Children are the biggest problem nowadays. If the child goes on the wrong path, the blame falls on the parents. It is a great happiness to have a child who is a scholar. Therefore, for the higher education of their children, parents spend all their wealth and send them abroad. Because children are very important in old age. Even if the son is with you, if he is in trouble, then it is a cause of sorrow. Therefore, happy is he whose children are obedient. Sad is the one whose child is stupid and is in the wrong. That is why Mahatma Vidura says that anyone who has a noble child will never have to suffer.

6. The art of creating wealth

Money comes and goes, this is a rule. Many times it has also been seen that a person becomes rich one day and then in a few days he is desperate for money. Some people spend their ancestral wealth uncontrollably. In order to avoid such a situation, you should have such knowledge that your wealth will not be lost and it will also be useful. If you don't have money but you have art then you can do such things. You can live with respect.

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