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Love Story


   One day she showed a picture taken with her college friends and said, "Look here, a photo taken in college yesterday, is it okay? "I tilted my head to her shoulder and looked at her mobile image. That was a picture taken by many friends. In my opinion, she fell in love with the boy standing with her. I was so irritated to see him clinging to her.
    I remove my head from her shoulder and said in a small voice, "And who is this guy next to you? “She turned and looked at my face. Perhaps seeing the irritation in my face, she said in a loving voice, "Do you feel bad about my touch? Does it have to hurt? Just friend? I am acting normal," it is not bad." Why not  look bad? She pulled me in her arms and said,"I could see in your face what happened." "I didn't have an  answer, so I kept quietly hugging her. She kissed my forehead for a while and said, "Is it hurt to touch me? Anyone could not take your lover away from you".
    I tied her tightly to my chest and I said you don't know why this happened, my heart burns when you see others touching you. "After hearing my answer, she kissed my lips sweetly and said" My dear sweetheart, love you so much, I smiled and forgot about everything. Over the years, everything has changed today but my mind has never changed when she puts photos on someone else's finger on her Facebook. Seeing these pictures hurts my heart more than ever, my eyes fill with tears and my chest burns.

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