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What kind of girl do boys look at ....


1: Girls think that when they are good, all boys follow but it is a misconception that boys expect more food than life.

2: Girls walking in tight and short clothes are only suitable for food in the eyes of boys.

3: As soon as they see girls wearing simple clothes like Kartha, Suruwal and sari, the boys start imagining a life partner.

4: Remember that even if the appearance is good with the eyes, the mind is saying something else.

5: Boys try to eat only food, no matter how beautiful it is for girls who are jealous of their parents and try to eat sweets.

6: Boys imagine girls to be the lifeblood of girls who respect the elders and love the younger ones.

7: Boys think that girls who do a lot of make-up and do not pay attention when talking and do not even go to the point of being ashamed.

8: Girls who do not believe in God, worship and religion do not fall in the eyes of boys because such people do not believe in sin. They may sin.

9: A girl who converts to a religion cannot stay in the mind of a boy because such a person can change her husband too.

10: Boys don't even think of a girl who runs a lot of Facebook as a life partner because such people can burn pulses, vegetables and lose their children ....

11: Girls who love and love to carry other people's baby are good in the eyes of boys because they can raise their children well.

This is a suggestion to all girls. Be civilized Make life happy Not only do boys look good on the outside but also on the inside .... Boyfriends, if you think things are right, like and comment, and if you don't understand girls, abuse them.

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