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Love Story


    A Boy and A girl they used to love very much each other but could not say anything even in college. The loved the girl very much from childhood. Boys and girls were also very close friends. They used to hang out together and eat together, often they would quarrel with each other but they would fight only for a limited time and then they would meet again.
    One day the boy calls her on Valentine's Day that he is proposing love to her. The girl says, I can't come, I have work to do at home and the boy cries in frustration and tears up in his eyes. The next day the boy goes to college and meets the girl and again says that it is one thing to meet this coming Saturday anyway. The girl says yes too. Six days later, on a Saturday morning, the boy calls and the girl wake up, and the boy talks about meeting in the park at 10 o'clock. The girl says yes. The boy is sitting in the park with a flower in one hand waiting for the girl to come but after 11 o'clock the girl does not come. The boy gets frustrated and calls the girl's mobile.
    Boy: Who are you?
    Stranger: If you know this girl, come to this place because this girl's car has been accident. There is no doubt about it. The boy rushes to the same place. Tears come to the boy's eyes. The boy starts crying. The boy cries when he sees blood all over the girl's body. By the time the boy reached, the girl has left this world. An unfamiliar guy says, "Let's take this mobile phone." The boy cries and picks up the mobile phone and starts fidgeting like crazy. After a while, the girl's family also arrives. The boy goes to a corner and thinks to himself that this is all I have done. The boy cries with tears in his eyes that all this would not have happened if I had not spoken to her.
    The boy has the girl's mobile in his hand. A message arrives on the boy's mobile. The boy looks at the message. But a message has just arrived on the boy's mobile while he is sitting. It was written that It's too late to arrive don’t get angry and the boy checks the girl's mobile. The boy goes inside message box and sees the mobile message. The boy starts reading with tears in his eyes. The girl who could not send the message to the boy and she was saved it. And a message the boy reads that I love you so much but I can't say. I know that you love me too because there is nothing wrong with our love but I was afraid that our friendship would be lost somewhere. After reading this, it is as if the boy has fallen from grace. The crying days begin to count.
    Moral: If you love someone, don't delay because if you delay, it will be like a story.

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