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Why do you dream about sex?

 Dreaming is when thoughts, feelings and sensations come unconsciously to the brain one after the other while sleeping. Despite many efforts in human history, why a person dreams a certain type of dream and what it means has not been fully understood. Dreams are of different types (horror, adventure, fun and sexual). Generally, when the reproductive system begins to function properly, sex hormones increase sexual anxiety and sexual tension on the one hand, and on the other hand, the production of semen also starts in this situation. And the semen naturally finds its way out. When the sexual desire becomes stronger, a kind of sexual tension starts to increase. It is natural to calm it down.
In the situation where such an opportunity is not available through masturbation or sexual intercourse, a person dreams of sex. And in the case of men, ejaculation occurs in a dream and reaches the state of sexual climax. Even if a woman has such a dream, vaginal discharge will occur and she will get extreme pleasure.
Efforts or activities to calm sexual tension may not be enough. This sexual dream is a natural thing given by nature to reduce sexual tension in situations where there is no other way to calm it down.On the other hand, when sexual contact or masturbation is kept normally, it may be reduced but not eradicated. In some cases, sex-dreams are seen continuously even when masturbation or sexual intercourse is done regularly and sufficiently.
Researches have linked sex-dreams with the amount of the hormone called 'testosterone' in the body, whether or not you see sex-dreams. It is seen that the amount of 'testosterone' is higher in people who have sex-dreams. From the point of view of sex, this hormone is present in healthy people, but a person may not dream about sex at all. It is natural to have sexual climax during sleep and not to have sexual dreams at all.

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