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Why do lips crack in winter? Its solution ..............

 It's winter season. At this time that our hands, feet, cheeks, lips break more. But this is a common health problem. Lips are a smaller part of the body than others. After the lips are cracked, it burns when you eat something, it hurts when you laugh and the beauty of your face deteriorates.

Why do lips crack in winter?
    Dr. Anil Jha, a senior dermatologist, says that most chapped lips occur during winter or dry dusty weather. When it is too cold, the sebaceous glands in the lips produce less oil and chapping begins.
What is the solution?
    Even if you don't go out in cold weather, you can avoid chapped lips, but this is not possible. Therefore, before going out, applying an oily substance on the lips and wiping it lightly with a cotton cloth after a while can be of some protection.
    When sleeping at night, especially by adding lemon and rose water to glycerine, it reduces the process of breaking out with pimples on the lips, cheeks, hands and feet. Applying ghee, butter, milk butter, etc. found at home in a light manner on the lips while sleeping at night is beneficial. Lips, cheeks, hands and feet may crack due to lack of water in the body. Therefore, sufficient water should be used in both summer and winter seasons.
    Most people with cleft lip often lick their lips with their tongue. By doing this, it seems that something is healed, but after the spit dries up, it becomes even drier than before. The skin around the lips becomes black when you lick your lips repeatedly. Although it is a problem that appears especially in children, it sometimes appears in adults as well.
    Before going to sleep, it is good to clean the face and use oily products. It is better to use milk butter, oil, mustard oil or sesame oil, glycerin etc. This is a home remedy.

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