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Aloevera and its benifits, एलोभेरा अर्थात् घ्युकुमारी र यसका फाइदाहरु


Aloe vera is 5000 years old medicine. It has about 250 species. Some of these species have medicinal properties. The most effective species in this is barbadensis or aloe vera. Our body needs 21 amino acids for proper development. It contains 18 amino acids in aloe vera. Aloe vera juice contains calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, Minerals like chromium, manganese, copper are found. Aloe vera contains 18 metals, 15 amino acids, and 12 types of vitamins. It increases the amount of blood in the body. In addition to reducing deficiency, it increases the body's resistance. Aloe vera juice is also beneficial for eliminating pregnancy and stomach disorders. It also provides relief from various problems caused by heat and rain. Mixing aloe vera juice with rose water and applying it on the face makes the face glow. 
Know the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice...
- Pollution, junk food, unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking and drinking etc. are harmful to the body and these foods produce more harmful substances in the body. Regular consumption of aloe vera juice helps to get rid of all these disorders.
- Drinking a glass of aloe vera juice on a daily basis reduces weight and also relieves the problem of frequent hunger pangs. Also, it helps in controlling diabetes.
- Aloe vera juice also reduces the yellowness of the teeth. Its daily use destroys the germs in the teeth. It also reduces bad breath.
- Aloe vera juice is a substance that gives strength in a way. Its regular use gives strength to the body throughout the day and helps to keep it fresh. It also increases immunity.
- Aloe vera juice also reduces blood loss.
Take 6 to 8 inch chopped aloe vera leaves, 5-7 basil leaves and 4-5 neem leaves, grind them in a little water and make a hot decoction to cure anemia.
- Aloe vera juice also benefits the skin. Its regular use brings shine to the skin and keeps it healthy. Also, it will keep the hair healthy Reduces dryness.
-Aloe vera juice improves blood circulation. It also greatly benefits blood pressure patients. It is also very useful for heart patients.

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