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Claimed to have given birth to 129 children

    A retired teacher who wants to be known as the person who donates free sperm in the world has claimed to have given birth to 129 children in the last nine years. He also informed that 9 more people are in the process of being born (pregnant).

    66-year-old Syliv Jones, who lives in Chaddesden, Derby, UK, has been donating his sperm for childless couples for about ten years. I started donating sperm only after 58 years, but sperm banks had a rule that people above 45 years of age can't donate sperm, he said. He also clarified that he wanted to give birth to 150 children from his semen.
    Health experts have opposed his actions. Experts have also requested the service users not to accept the semen of unlicensed persons. They have also asked all sperm donors and recipients to go to a UK licensed clinic for treatment. Jones also claimed that in the context of sperm donation, an unknown grandmother sent him a happy message saying that she had given birth to a granddaughter.
    He says, "I donate for free but sometimes I ask for a little petrol." It is also illegal to charge for sperm donation and I don't think it's right to take money when I have more money. About two-thirds of the people I've helped are same-sex couples, heterosexual couples and some single women. I believe that every woman deserves to have a child. When Jones is too old to legally become a sperm donor, he connects people through Facebook. When the demand comes, he drives his own vehicle and reaches the sperm bank.

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