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💖💖 Heart Touching Story 💖💖

    I was very tired because I was carried heavy loads all day. I was little so the boss gave me only 50 rupees. I ate noodle for lunch of 15 rupees. It was very cold in the evening. There was only a pair of clothes on the body. I was shaking in the winter. At the in front was a tea shop. I asked for tea at the tea shop, but he did not. I did not ask for tea free, wouldn't the poor even pay for it? In the meantime, it was a night. It was time for dinner. I had a total of 35 rupees in the name of money. The money would not be enough to eat rice. It was very cold. The cold wind was blowing and I was shaking on the side of the road wondering what to eat.
    It was too cold and hunger was heavy, so I thought about eating tea and bread. Going to a shop and giving him money, I asked for tea and bread. He gave me tea in a plastic cup and told me to sit down by the side of the road and have dinner. The poor would not even sit in the shop and eat ? I sat quietly at the side of the road then ate tea and bread. Lost hunger normally but did not have any money to eat, so I was satisfied. Now the food was eaten but where is the bed to sleep? Like the other day, I was preparing to sleep on the road. The sacks used to sleep in bed. But today, the sacks that I have stored today rich people fire to heat. There was no choice but to sleep in it. Lying under the open sky with a brick pillow. At night, the cold body seemed like something else. then I did not know anything.

    At the morning, my eyes opened. I was surrounded by so many people. I was terrified for a moment and I got up then try to walk but No one left me. Looking back, I was surprised because a boy like me was asleep. People asked him, "Who is this man and why sleeping till now?" No one answered but the police also came in a moment. I asked the police the same question but nobody cared. I tried to catch the feet of them. My hand slipped from feet. I started to hurry. There was a man telling the police. When I arrived in the morning, he was dead. Probably dead at night. When I heard this, I was like a fallen from the sky. Soon the corpse was picked up in front of me and I got very heavy. I cried a lot, after a long time I realized that it was my body. I am the soul within him. And I started to think that the lives of orphans like me are just like that. I would not have died if society had not been so selfish. Oops, I don't know how many lives will be consumed this way.

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