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Interesting facts about the 'eyes'


One of the five organs of the human body, eye is also an important organ. The eye is also an important, sensitive and beautiful organ of our body. Needless to say, how important the eyes are to us, because we are all aware of its importance. However, there are some specific facts about the eyes that you may not be aware of, which we are going to inform you today:

1. According to scientist and photographer Dr. Roger Clark, the resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels. It only takes 2 milliseconds for our eyes to focus on one place. 

2. Until the baby is 4 to 13 weeks old, we can't see tears in baby's eyes, only can be hear weeping sound from the baby. 

3. In fact, we typically see only three types of colors, not them: red, blue and green. The combination of these three colors creates other colors. From which we can see a million colors.  

4. Did you know? More than half (about 65%) of our brains are able to handle the eyes.

5. The muscle is activated to control the eyes most in the muscles of our body. The focusing muscle of the eye shakes about 10 million times a day, while the muscle of our foot has to work for 80 kilometers in one day.

6. Our eyes can see with the help of two types of cells, namely, Rod Cells and Cone Cells. We have 13 millions rod cells in our eyes and 70 million cone cells. With the help of the cone cell we see the light, and with the help of the Rod cell we see in the dark.

7. Some people have two eyes with different colors. Known as hetrochromia.

8. If you have trouble looking closely, then pupil of your eyes are larger and the pupil of your eyes are smaller if you have distant problems.

9. People with blue eyes can tolerate more sunlight than others. These people also have a higher tolerance for alcohol intake.

10. From birth to death, our eyes are the same size. That is, the shape of the eye never increases or decreases. However, as the age gets older, the lens of the eye becomes thicker and thicker.

11. Newborns can only see up to 7 inches away.

12. The first most complex organ is the brain and second most complex organ is eye of the human body.

13. The cornea of ​​our eye's is a separate part of our whole body. Because it is the only organ in which there is no blood. And it doesn't even need oxygen. The cornea of ​​a shark is used in human eye surgery. Because the cornea of ​​the human eye is similar to the cornea of ​​shark fish.

14. When you talk to someone, your eyes are more blinking, but when you read something on a computer and laptop screen or paper, your eyes blink less often, so your eyes get tired.

15. The average person's eyes blink 17 times a minute. There are two reasons for blinking the eye. The eyes are blink to maintain moisture in the eyes and to protect the eyes from external harmful particles.

16. Eye Scan is more commonly used in important security lock. Because, Fingerprints have 40 unique character and 256 character in the eye.

17. Man is first and dog is the second creature that can know its gaze by looking into the eyes.

18. The eyes of 'Albert Einstein' are still kept safe in NYC.

19. When we see strange things or phenomena that are disturbing our mind, the shape of the pupil of our eyes increases by 45%.

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