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Ten signs of a girl, she loves you

Ten signs of a girl should be understood by which you know that the girl you love is yours. Most men say that the emotions and gestures of a woman are very difficult to understand. Girls who are in love tend to express different symptoms and reactions to being close to each other, but do not want to express their love for men easily and directly. So how do you know if a girl is like you? Psychologists have attributed some of the symptoms, which may indicate that a girl is in love. Here are ten symptoms which indicates that a girl is yours.
1. If a girl responds to your mobile messages, emails, tweets, Facebook messages and your questions immediately, does not ignore your phone calls and sends long messages apologizing for not getting the phone up.

2. If her friends start to making you friend too, then you understand something special. If a girl does like you that knows her friends. Then the friends of the girl will start to make friends with you too.

3. If she compares you to some very good people that she is exactly like you, then you can be sure that the girl you like is yours.

4. She wants to know everything about ex-lovers but she scolds the ex-lovers and says, it's nice that you didn't have them. This means that she was ready to be your girlfriend.

5. Whether she's giving birth or feeling that she is happier than you, she knows that your happiness is your happiness. Not only that, she also shows interest and happiness in giving birth or promotion to someone in your family.

6. Whether she comes very close to you on the way or at a restaurant and tries to hold your hand, you realize that she is most annoyed when she can't meet you.

7. Whenever you call and she receive your phole call and gets up early tomorrow morning, even if she's ready to talk to you overnight, the only indication is that she started to love you.

8. If you plan to meet her, she repeatedly makes sure that you come to the place where you are going to meet her and she comes in a nice dress. If she does not do any compromise on dress to wear, then it is her pleasure to know.

9. If you admire another girl and say good-bye to her in some sense, her mood immediately deteriorates then she begins to give you lectures and after giving various examples that the girl is very bad.

10. If she finds you in a state of stress and anxiety and if she worries to bring happiness to your face, she is ready to be your girlfriend.

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