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Why do people kiss?

If we kiss with someone, about 8 million bacteria are exchange to our body. All these bacteria will not harm us. In spite of this, no one can ever forget his first kiss. Not only that, kisses have their role in romantic life. In Western society, the kissing one another is trending. According to people in the Western society, the kissing is common. But according to a new study, this trend is not in the culture of all countries. This is prevalent in less than half the country. Not only this, the trend of kissing is also rare in animals.

The trending of Western Civilization
According to Professor William Jankowayak, the kiss is a donation to the Western community and it's moving from one generation to the next. There are also some historical reasons for believing this idea. Professor Rafael Balodarski of the University of Oxford College in the UK says that this is just the latest trend. The earliest example like Kis is found in the Medic culture of Hindus which was more than 35 hundred years old. Instead of being an ancient culture, they used to come close by hugging each other. The big question now is whether we were doing it in a natural way or are modern people looking for it. Chimpanzees have the highest connection with humankind. According to Biologist Fran de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, chimpanzees kiss each other or hug each other after a fight. This happens most often in the type of mada chimpanzee but kiss or romance has nothing to do with chimpanzees.

This is not trend in animals
The Bonovo the type chimpanzee, often do and they use their tongue while they kissing. Bonova is also very active in sex. While two people meet, they shake hand and while Bonovo meets them they have sex. They also have no concern for the trend of Kissing. Both of these creatures are an exception to this. By the way, we understand. However, many other studies have shown that the smell from partner's body attracts animals. And they focus on their friends. Such wild animals have also been shown in other organisms. In 2013, Volorod studied the tendency of kissing. They had asked hundreds of people what was the most important thing to them when they were kissing each other. The study found that the aroma of the body attracts each other. “We have all the characterstics of a resplendent creature and over time we have added something new,” says Balodarasky. In view of this calculation, the kissing culture is also acceptable. It is just a matter of trying to get people closer to each other. According to Balodarasky, it is very difficult to ascertain when it originated.

The trend of Kissing
How the trend of kissing came? If this trending was used, all animals could. Or again, all the man tribes had to do. In reality all animals do not do. A new research has studied 168 cultures in the world. In which only 46 percent of cultures want to kiss their partner in a romantic moment. According to the research in 90 percent of cultures, people kiss their partner in a romantic moment but this did not happen. Only lip kiss research, where parents were not included in the research of their children. No one in the community could even find anything to do with it. The kissing is considered rude in the Mehinaku tribe community in Brazil. In this community the modern man is considered the closest ancestor. In this way, the ancestors of the human may not have been trend. According to chief executive of the study and William Jankovic, a professor at the University of Vegas, the kiss is not in the nature of all human.

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